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Our unique steelpan items are beautifully crafted reminders of the Caribbean isles.

The Fridge Magnet collection is available in three eye-catching colors: Brass, Gold & Chrome. The Brass is made from metal, while the Gold & Chrome are made from a plastic based material, which is durable, strong and has the appearance of metal.

The magnets can be purchased either blank or with an Island name affixed to them. They will make a splendid addition to any Fridge Magnet collection or unique gift.

Corporate orders with custom stickers affixed to the Fridge Magnets are welcome. Please contact us via email or telephone.


The battery operated (batteries included) Musical Steelpan plays both Caribbean & Classical Music with the touch of a button. This creative piece plays 3 minutes and 45 seconds of Caribbean Music (composed by Jason Dascent) and 3 minutes and 16 seconds of a Classical Medley (performed by Liam Teague).
Sample the music by playing the attached video and Invite the warmth of the Caribbean into your home.

Metal copper fridge magnet with chrome sticks

Plastic chrome fridge magnet with golden sticks

Plastic gold fridge magnet with chrome sticks

Other Views

Musical Steelpan

Click below to play the video.

A Short History Of Steel Pan

Since the 1800’s the inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago have been participating in a street carnival brought to the island by the French. When freed slaves joined the activities they celebrated using the instruments from their ancestors, the African drums. They then created percussion bands, made up of bamboo joints cut from the bamboo plant.

At the onset of World War II, the British colonial government had forbidden the bamboo bands forcing the people to find alternative means of expressing themselves. The readily available steel drums discarded by the oil refineries in Trinidad filled the void.

As they banged against the surface of the steel drum, they stumbled upon a sound that led to further experimentation, and the eventual birth of the steel pan, which is now played and appreciated worldwide.